Brighton & Hove Front Runners was founded in October 2018 after one of our co-founding members posted in the LGBT Brighton & Hove Network Facebook Forum to see if there was any interest in a local LGBTQ Running Club. The decision was made to form a branch of Front Runners in Brighton and Hove.  From there a bunch of keen LGBTQ runners met up one evening a week and the rest, as they say, is history.  There are over one hundred Front Runners clubs around the world and they are as diverse as where they are situated and we are happy to represent Brighton and Hove.

We are a friendly group of LGBTQ+ runners who meet at

  • 7 pm every Wednesday at the green area next to the King Alfred Leisure Centre car park
  • Weekly Sunday runs, at various places around Brighton or Hove
  • Seasonal Friday evening track runs

Our weekly club run varies from week to week and we regularly do interval training and time trials for people who want to improve or monitor how well they are doing. You can choose at which level to get involved.

We also do local races and hold regular social events.  We are the biggest attendees of all the front runner groups at ParkRuns and members can normally be seen weekly for each of the 4 Brighton Runs.  Once a month we do a ‘park run takeover’ in B&H and the wider Sussex region.

We are a mixed-ability group and sessions are planned to keep people together and nobody is left behind. As long as you can jog 3k in under 30 minutes without keeling over you will be fine, please see our beginners page for information.

Any questions? email us via the Contact Us page

Please find a copy of our poster you can download (pdf). Please print and distribute as needed.