Rainbow Run

Dear Rainbow Runners

Thank you so much for coming out to support our very first Brighton & Hove Rainbow Run in Hove Park.  We had a brilliant time in the sunshine with you all.  You all looked fabulous smiling in your best pride outfits!

Now that the glitter is settling post pride, the Rainbow Run committee will meet to discuss how a Rainbow Run might look next year.  We are still learning and would very much value any feedback both good and bad, that you are able to provide.  We would be super grateful if you could complete a short survey here to let us know what you thought.   Suggestions on how to improve the Rainbow Run experience are also welcome! 

If you would like to re-live Friday night, local running enthusiast and blogger Film My Run has put out a video about the Rainbow Run


Please subscribe to this channel as Stephen puts out loads of interesting content about local races and training tips.  Ben from Time on Feet has also put out a video 


Look out on YouTube for the Running Channel here who was also at the run and will be publishing a video. 

Race results are available to view on Results Base here and our photographer Stephen took many photos at the run which are available to view and tag on Facebook here.

Lastly, we would also be grateful If you could follow us on our social media channels if you haven’t already:

FB event https://fb.me/e/2p2KwgZB0

You can follow the Brighton & Hove Rainbow Run on Instagram and Facebook.

All the very best and (hopefully) see you next year for Brighton & Hove Rainbow Run 2023.

The Rainbow Run merchandise is available on The LGBTQ+ Shop. A percentage of profits will be going to our chosen charity Lunch Positive. Don’t forget, if you live in Brighton you can save delivery by choosing to click and collect from The LGBTQ+ Shop’s concession in Popstacular, 96 North Road, Brighton. They’ll email when it’s ready to collect.

Check it out https://www.thelgbtqshop.com/rainbow-run

FB event https://fb.me/e/2p2KwgZB0

You can follow the rainbow run on Instagram and Facebook.

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