During the lockdown due to covid 2019 – 2021, with the pools closed for the majority of the time, an increasingly large number of swimmers turned to running.  This resulted in an increase in membership of Brighton and Hove FrontRunners members who were also members of Out To Swim Brighton (who we call “runners that swim”).  In 2022 it was agreed to form a Tri group which is a joint group between Brighton and Hove FrontRunners and Out To Swim Brighton.  

Members of Front runners and Out To Swim attending Frosty aquathon

The aim of the triathlon group is primarily a community: travelling to races together, exchanging advice and supporting each other every step of the way. Members will also participate in several other multisport events such as aquathlons, Swim-Run events and duathlons.  We will initially be concentrating on events in and around the Sussex area.  This aims to be 

To join the group you need to be a paid member of either a Front runners group or a branch of the out to swim.  Please email  or  . 

The door is always open for an affiliated Brighton and Hove LGBT+ cycling group to join us.

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