Parkrun Records

Here we have some of our different record and performances from Parkrun events. To be included you need to be an official member of the club, and have us listed as your club on the Parkrun Website.

NameAge Grade %TimeVenueDate
Paul Howard81.22%16.41Hove Park26/10/19
Robert Graham75.18%21.09Hove Prom25/01/20
Dean Sanders74.24%20.42PrestonPark26/10/19
Damian Brewer70.07%19.56Hove Prom01/01/20
Richard Pineles-West69.88%18.52Hove Prom25/01/20
Dan Tatnall-Murray69.70%19.02Worthing28/12/19
James Barron67.64%19.53Worthing16/02/19
Sonia Tester-Allen66.49%22.29Hove Prom25/01/20
David Joiner66.43%23.20Hove Prom13/07/19
Ed Hayter66.21%21.45Worthing16/02/19
Claire Alleguen66.19%23.25Hove Prom20/01/20
Stephen king63.29%21.53Worthing28/12/19
Darren Jones60.39%24.14Hove Prom25/01/20
Neil Harrison57.62%23.31Victoria Dock11/05/19
John Brown56.30%26.12Hove Prom02/03/19
Steven Chantrey54.78%28.03Hove Prom23/03/19
Sarah Rochford53.06%29.26PrestonPark16/01/19
Ian Morris-Shek50.71%28.10Hove Prom22/06/19
Matt Roff46.97%27.47Peacehaven25/01/20
Rosie Hayes46.57%32.19Hove prom27/10/18
Glen McCready44.16%32.07Hove Park30/11/19

Male Records

1Paul Howard16.41Hove ParkOct 19
2Richard Pineles-West18.52Hove PromJan 20
3Dan Tatnall-Murruy19.02WorthingDec 19
4James Barron19.53WorthingFeb 19
5Damian Brewer19.56Hove PromJan 20
6Dean Sanders20.42Preston ParkOct 19
7Robert Graham21.03Preston ParkSep 19
8Stephen King21.34WorthingDec 19
9David Joiner23.20Hove PromJuly 19
10Neil Harrison23.31Victoria DockMay 19

Female Records

1Sonia Tester-Allen22.29Hove PromJan 20
2Claire Alleguen23.25Hove PromJan 20
3Sarah Rochford29.26Preston ParkJan 19
4Rosie Hayes32.19Hove PromOct 18