Meet the team!

The Management Committee are elected annually and looks after the strategic and day-to-day running of the club.  All Committee members are club members and can be found running at our weekly sessions, club events and other races. Here is the current volunteer team elected in February for March 2024 – April 2025.

Co-Chair: Poppy

I started running around 10 years ago rather reluctantly, however, I soon grew to love it. I entered local races at first and then decided to enter my first half marathon in 2018 and I haven’t looked back since, completing 9 since then.

I Joined BHFRs in late 2021 shortly after moving back to Brighton and felt welcomed straight away. It was a great way to meet new people who shared a passion for running. Everyone in the group is super supportive, and it was Damo who encouraged me to become a LIRF. I love being able to give back and help others achieve their running goals. This is my second year as co-chair and it is great to be able to represent the female members of the group, along with setting up our C25K courses.

Co-Chair: Marc

Running began for me as a reason to get out of the house during the first lockdown of 2020. After discovering how much I enjoyed running I never stopped.

I used to run mostly by myself so it was nice to find such an inclusive and welcoming club to run with. Since joining BHFR my confidence in running has grown massively. Going from never having taken part in a race, to completing 2 cross country seasons, 3 half marathons, and most recently my 4th Marathon.

I’ve been able to give back to the club by volunteering as a run leader for almost 2 years and have recently joined Poppy as Co-Chair.

Treasurer: Andy

I joined Frontrunners when I moved to Hove after the coronavirus lockdowns were over. I’d always been a “jogger/park runner” but never managed to stick with it for long. Being a member of this club over the last year has been an amazing journey. With the support of so many new friends, I’ve gone from struggling to get around a 5k without stopping to catch my breath to completing the Brighton Marathon (with a couple of half marathons and cross-country races along the way). I’m now seriously tempted by an ultra-marathon…watch this space.

Running has helped with my mental health and well-being as well as my physical fitness, but feeling socially connected to such a great group of people has been the biggest benefit.

Outside of running I work in well-being for a homelessness charity and have previously been a Mental Health First Aid instructor, so it’s very rewarding to be able to share some of my knowledge and experience to support my fellow members as welfare officers.

Secretary: James

When I joined Brighton & Hove Frontrunners in the summer of 2022, it was a last-ditch attempt to get myself back into running and enjoy it again after a long period away due to an injury. It definitely worked! Thanks largely to the club, my running has progressed much faster than I would have imagined before joining. Just eight months later, I’ve run a half marathon, developed a love for cross-country running, and found a group of lovely people I look forward to seeing each week. If I’m not running, I’m often found cycling around Sussex with the Brighton Mitre Cycling Club.

As Secretary, I organise Committee meetings and support its members with planning business throughout the year, along with other essential admin. Beyond the Frontrunners, I work in corporate governance so I enjoy being able to bring that experience and give back to the club.

Welfare: Darren

My introduction to running came from a bizarre bucket list wish to ‘run the London Marathon even though I hadn’t seriously put one foot in front of the other since school. Cross country for me was just an excuse to chain smoke away from the eyes of prying teachers. Call it a gateway drug but running a marathon was the start and I’ve completed four more since as well as 5ks, 10ks and a few halves.

I joined Frontrunners as a way to meet new people after moving from London between Lockdowns. I love the vibe and the energy and the camaraderie. I’m a plodder rather than a gazelle and this is welcomed here. I’m honoured to be part of the BHFR Welfare Team. 
You can also usually find me marshalling at the Hove Prom Parkrun on Saturday mornings.

Welfare: Tommy

I started running shortly before lockdown to train for my first race – a half marathon. I got there, just about, and then the pandemic happened. I carried on running and joined the club in October 2020, between lockdowns. Frontrunners immediately became a big part of my life and the friends I made then helped me get through those tricky lockdown days and are a big part of the reason for my moving to Hove.

I love the supportive vibe at our events, the friendliness, the encouragement and the way that everyone is included. It’s helped my running, too. I’ve run a marathon (one might be enough!) and love a good half. Parkrun is my new religion and I’m often to be found at Hove Prom on a Saturday morning, and shortly after eating a bun nearby.

I’m really pleased to have joined the committee in March 2024 and hope to make a difference as one of the club’s two welfare officers. I think it’s really important to have people whose focus is the wellbeing of members, whether in discussions on the committee or in looking after individual members in need.

Communications: Iain

I had previously been put off running due to a poorly maintained running machine in a gym, making me feel like I was bounding. However, I started running during lockdown 1 when the swimming pools were closed (as I am also a regular swimmer with Out to Swim). I started from scratch doing the couch to 5k solo and one of my fellow swimmers who runs with the front runners, suggested I join. I progressed in over a year from 5k (love a parkrun) to 10k, an aquathlon (run and swim). I completed a half marathon and my first marathon, all of which I wouldn’t be able to do without my fellow front runners’ help, love and support. I have done Parkruns now from Lands End to Finland etc Never the fastest, always at the back running. but am very much a completest. In 2024 I trained to become a LIRF and to return the help.

Communications: Scott

I started running after the pandemic and did my first 2 marathons, 100 miles for charity and 3 10ks within my first year. Since then I have completed over 30 races and branched out to cross country and triathlons. Running has become a passion and been part of a local LGBTQ+ community which is more like a family. It’s great meeting new people and socialising with the people who are there to support you at every step. Whilst working with the local community to host the Brighton and Hove Rainbow Run on a yearly bases.

Social: Gemma


Social: Brett

I took up running around 8 years ago as a way to control my weight which had steadily increased after quitting smoking a few years previously. My first organised race was in 2015 the Royal Parks Half Marathon, and I have been addicted ever since. I love the freedom of running, no planning, no specialist equipment needed, just my legs, a good pair of running trainers and off I go. I often find that I use my time running as thinking time, working things out, mulling things over in my head or simply not thinking at all. As a gay man, it is important to me to be part of such a diverse and accepting group of runners, where everyone is welcome regardless of ability.

Club Coach, Race Coordinator: Paul

I Fell in love with running again when Brighton got its own Marathon in 2010, and I haven’t looked back since, most recently racing 800 metres as a Masters Athlete.

LiRF Rep: Mika

Non-committee Role

Membership admin: Jerome

I started running in January 2020 on the treadmill to lose weight.
Within a few months, I was addicted to running outside and ran my first marathon in September 2021. I’ve now run 4 and a few half marathons.
I joined BHFR in March 2022 and it’s been a great experience! Everyone is friendly and I have always felt welcome in the group.

Leaders in Running Fitness (LiRF)

LiRFs are run leaders who are responsible for leading our runs. We are always interested in adding to this, for more information on what it takes to be a LiRF, please see here.

Leader in Running Fitness: Damo

I started running as a reason to get out of the house during the first lockdown of 2020. After discovering how much I enjoyed running I never stopped.

I used to run mostly by myself so it was nice to find such an inclusive and welcoming club to run with. I look forward to the weekly Front Runners sessions because it makes the run more fun in a group. I enjoy being able to have a chat before and during the run.

Since joining Front Runners I ran my third marathon and took 45 minutes off my PB thanks to the motivation and inspiration from other club members.

Leader in Running: Poppy

See the above chair

Leader in Running: Marc

See the above chair

Leader in Running: Iain

See the above communication officer

Leader in Running: Paul

See the above Club Coach, Race Coordinator

Leader in Running: Claire

Leader in Running: Graham

I started running about four years ago, soon after moving to Brighton. I had just watched the marathon that year and was so inspired. At the same time, I was also struggling to climb the stairs to my office on the 5th floor and knew I had to try it! I started jogging before heading nervously to my first Parkrun where I did much better than expected. From then I was hooked! Fast forward a few years and I’ve now done three 10Ks, and two half-marathons, each time getting a PB. I’ve always been a social creature and joining the Frontrunners has made running so much better, having a chat along the way and keeping me accountable for turning up!

Leader in Running: Rob

I started running in 2007 when I gave up smoking.  20 kilos lighter and over 30 marathons later I still love it.  I joined FrontRunners when I moved here in 2019 and have found so many lovely people and friends as a result.  I spend half my time in Spain and also run with GMadrid FrontRunners.  It’s a great local and international community!