Meet the team!

The Management Committee are elected on an annual basis and look after the strategic and day-to-day running of the club.  All of the Committee are club members and can be found running at our weekly sessions, club events and other races. Here is the current team who were elected in February for April 2020 -March 2021.

Co – Chair and Leader in Running Fitness: Paul

Fell in love with running again when Brighton got its own Marathon in 2010, haven’t looked back since, most recently racing 800 metres as a Masters Athlete.

Co – Chair and Leader in Running Fitness: Claire

I’ve been running for a couple of years now and ran my first marathon last year and looking forward to competing in London and Brighton marathons later this year. I’m hoping to improve my 5K too!

Secretary: Richee

I only started running in my late 20’s after joining a local running club in London. 

I really enjoyed the atmosphere at runs and races so ended up getting more involved after moving to Brighton. I prefer shorter road distances & parkruns – having completed my 100th parkrun in 2019

Treasurer: Jen

I am a a keen mountain biker and general out-doors type. I’ve loved making connections with the great people at Frontrunners and am passionate about making sure our club is as inclusive as possible for everyone in the LGBT+ community. It is so important that everyone, regardless of ability, feels welcome and supported.

Co – Communications and Marketing Officer: James

I started running about ten years ago in an attempt to get a bit fitter (which in itself was an effort having hated P.E. at school and being a 20 a day smoker!).  Since then, I have quit smoking, completed 3 marathons, numerous half-marathons and I have run over 100 Parkruns.  I truly love running outside and we are so lucky to be able to do so in beautiful Brighton.  I look forward to meeting you at a run soon!

Welfare Officer:  Neil

Never really been sporty but the (early cough) middle-aged spread started and I got dragged, reluctantly to a parkrun by a mate, 85 and counting and shaved 14mins off my first time.  I love the ethos of parkrun and running in general. Earlier this year I did my first full marathon.

After relocating back to the south I joined this group, it’s great to have all the support from everyone. I like to do the odd chipped time race and always enjoy spending time with fellow runners especially the LGBT ones.

Race Secretary:  John

I first starting running about 15 years ago to get myself fit again after an illness – and enjoyed it so much I carried on! Brighton’s a fantastic place to be based, and I particularly like trail and coastal running on our doorstep.

Co- Communications Officer and Leader in Running Fitness: Damian

I’m a long time triathlete (and have completed over 100 tris), and running is a passion of mine. I’m also looking to give back to local LGBTQ+ community. I enjoy meeting new people, whilst at the same time trying to keep the weight off from eating too many cakes and drinking beer!

Leader in Running Fitness: Sonia

I started running in 2007 when I joined the TA – I had to run 1.5 miles in under 13 minutes to pass selection! At the time that was a real challenge but now I comfortably cover much longer distances. These days running is my social life. It’s also my escape.

Co-Social Secretary: Graham

I started running about four years ago, soon after moving to Brighton. I had just watched the marathon that year and was so inspired. At the same time I was also struggling to climb the stairs to my office on the 5th floor and knew I had to try it! I started jogging before heading nervously to my first Parkrun where I did much better than expected. From then I was hooked! Fast forward a few years and I’ve now done three 10Ks, and two half-marathons, each time getting a PB. I’ve always been a social creature and joining the Frontrunners has made running so much better, having a chat along the way and keeping me accountable for turning up!

Co-Social Secretary: Leonie