Volunteering at mile 23.8 at Brighton Marathon.

BHFR had the opportunity to volunteer at the Brighton Marathon. Several months ago, Ernie, who does so much behind the scenes, acted as the point of contact with the organizers and managed to get us a spot of having a whole aid station to ourselves! Ernie was then on a mission to get the 30 volunteers needed so we could take over the station.

After much persuasion and cajoling, we had 30 “volunqueers” to have a station. We reported for duty at 9 am ish, and then started setting up our aid station. Banners were erected, barriers moved, and 13,000 ish cups filled (20 cups by 7 cups, three layers high, with hi5 drink). Some earlier confusion meant the concentration of drinks wasn’t quite right, so corrections were hastily made!

The wind really didn’t help, and there were concerns that the cups would blow off the tables and leave our runners parched late in the race.

The BHFR really worked well as a team, slick, with lots of giggles helped by the sunshine and endless supply of sweets, chocolate and other tasty delights!

Big rounds of applause to all our BHFR runners who in many cases got PBs in the marathon and 10k.

The post-event social at Bottom’s Rest was well received with many of the BHFR volunteering crew reunited with those who ran to reflect on the great day. We also met up with the Birmingham Swifts – a fellow 🏳️‍🌈 run club, a lovely bunch and it was nice to connect with another 🏳️‍🌈 club.

Fancy running next year? Early bird tickets are available…….

Tips for next year include bringing a drag queen and not filling up too many cups and getting the tablet concentrations confirmed by the station manager, also double shifts could work to increase engagement as it was a long but fun day.