Brighton and Hove Pride 2022

Wow wow wow!

The parade with Brighton Hove Frontrunners at Brighton pride was probably the most fun I have ever had with the club!

There was so much positive energy, love and joy, flowing everywhere from everyone. The sun was shining too!

I really enjoyed the walk over from the peace statue to the sports area of the parade, where all the local LGBT sports clubs were positioning themselves.

We were marching with our Out To Swim Brighton (OTSS) brothers, sisters and themsters. It was such a great place to be on the parade. They had music blaring and watching them in their little red speedos and swimsuits.

We were able to copy the dance carried out by OTSS (set to the song “Came here for love”, by Ella Eyre), so was a great spectacle for the crowds to see approximately 100 people all doing the same dance routine! Crowds were going wild!

We were also able to display our banner and it was great publicity for the club.

We also threw in some “runs” as part of the run which got the crowds going even further!

We were doing “sprints”, “slow-mo runs” and “snake runs” where we all stood in a line and snaked our way across the road!

Come join us next year! I can’t wait……