Couch to 5K – Susannah’s journey

We hear from Susannah, who joined B&H FrontRunners and trained to run 5k in a fun and inclusive environment.

The friendly, supportive and fun FrontRunners Couch to 5k amazingly turned me from just about being able to run for a bus to being able to run 5k! I wanted to run to get a bit fitter, having never run in my adult life I did some “run-some-walk-some” park-runs with a friend but wasn’t able to get to running the whole 5k alone. Another friend joined the FrontRunners and told me about the Couch to 5k programme.

My run leader was very friendly and relaxed which really helped because I felt nervous especially at the first session. Session 2 I was scared of running for a whole 2 minutes but the course leader stuck with me. The big turning points for me were the jump to running 12 minutes without stopping and the realisation that I just needed to run at a slower pace. Once I had achieved a 12 minute run I felt much more confident, was getting just the support I needed at the Wednesday sessions and after a while I found myself enjoying my “home work” runs and even ran on holiday by a canal in Lancashire! (very flat which is always a bonus).

I was so amazed that I could run the whole 5k when it came to the end of the programme that I couldn’t help crying halfway round!