Tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you been in Brighton and what do you like about living here?

I have lived in Brighton (Hove actually) for 14 years now after leaving my family home in the Black Country for University and a new life in the south. Brighton is a fantastic cosmopolitan, fun city where everyone can be who they want to be without anyone batting an eye lid. 

How long have you been running, and what is it about running that you enjoy?

I have dipped in an out of running for a couple of years but nothing major. Only ever did social runs with friends a few Sundays before lockdown. I only really started running on a regular basis in April 2021, of which I could only run about 4 miles, at a push.

I enjoy running as you can get out and go anywhere you want. See some great places and views, whilst being social with friends and other runs you’ve never met before. From doing a quite a stressful job during these covid times, it is fantastic for your mental health and physical wellbeing. Great way to destress and put it all behind you.

What made you decide to join Frontrunners and how did you hear about the club?

I knew quite a few members over the years and was persuaded to come along and try it out. From there I wanted to be part of the LGBTQ+ club and meet more like-minded people. The club is so friendly and welcoming, with people from all areas and with different backgrounds. It has become like a new family to me. There for you on the highs and the lows in life. 

Have you run any races before? Have you signed up for any upcoming events and what are your goals?

I have never ran any proper races until 2021. I had done a marathon (which was about 85% walking) 4 years ago but never anything running. As I only started really running in April 2021 when I joined Frontrunners, my goals were to start off slow and build up. In June 2021 I only start training to run 10k non-stop to compete in these races. Never in my wildest dreams I thought it would be possible or achievable to run 100 miles in August for charity and do, not only 1 but 2 marathons. Competing in 5 races over 3 months.

I did the Pride 10k in September and 2 weeks later the Virtual London Marathon. Next year I’m already down to do Brighton Marathon, Brighton Trail Marathon, Brighton Half Marathon, a few 10ks and maybe a half triathlon and ultra. We will see. My goal is to build on my success and to inspire everyone that anything is possible.

How did the COVID-19 lockdowns affect you and your motivation to run?

During the first lock down I didn’t do any running at all and focused on Hiit training online instead. When things started opening up again is when I started to run a little but not often. This was mainly running around Hove Park but could only manage one full length of the park.

Why do you enjoy being a Frontrunner?

I love been part of the LGBTQ+ club where everyone is friendly and welcoming. Whilst supporting LGBTQ+ events and charities like Bear Weekend, the Rainbow Fund and Lunch Positive in Brighton.  I have got to know quite a few members well and it feels like a family, where everyone is supportive of each other through highs and lows.