Tell us a bit about yourself, how long have you been in Brighton and what do you like about living here?

I’m Graham, and I’ve been living in Brighton in total for 7 years. I love having the sea, the city, the scene and the downs all on my doorstep, it’s a great place to live.

● How long have you been running, and what is it about running that you enjoy?

I started running soon after I moved to Brighton. I noticed I was struggling to climb the 4 flights of stairs to my office and realised I was far too young to be doing that and resolved to change, which I did as a New Year’s resolution and stuck to it! I can’t imagine not doing it now, I love the freedom of getting outside and going wherever you want and the feeling of calmness when I do it. I enjoy the mixture of some solitary thinking time, but also the joy of running in a group and having a natter, the camaraderie and support I get from fellow runners is second to none.

What made you decide to join Frontrunners and how did you hear about the club?

After I got started on my running journey, I was already in the Gay Men’s Dance Company with Richee and Paul, who saw how much I enjoyed being in a safe space exercising and convinced me to give the running group a go. Six years later I’ve been on the committee for 3 years, and recently had the privilege of leading the club as Co-Chair which was a fantastic experience.

Have you run any races before? Have you signed up for any upcoming events and what are your goals?

I’ve run many races now, including all the distances, and this year I’ve been stepping up to Ultra Marathons! I’ve completed the Hundred Hills 50K, and South Downs Way 50 miles, and my last big race was the South Downs Way 100 miles (you read a report of this race here)… I’ve really fallen down the rabbit hole now.

● How did the COVID-19 lockdowns affect you and your motivation to run?

I was living alone throughout the lockdowns and it was tough, but running really helped me just by being able to get out of the flat for my once-a-day exercise and see as much of the downs as I could. The “Runnie Buddies” group and the virtual challenges, really helped my motivation as well. Frontrunners really became a lifeline during that period and I’m so grateful to them.

● Why do you enjoy being a Frontrunner?

I just love being able to know every Wednesday I’m going to see friends and have a giggle and enjoy some good training in good company. The rest of the things we do are the icing on the cake.

Graham @grazzle