Covid-19 guidance

*Club runs are currently temporarily suspended until further notice but details are below on how we have made provisions for safe running when guidelines permit*

We are now adopting the principles of a COVID 19 secure running club, following recommendations set out by English Athletics on the link below:

We have done the following:

  • Carried out a risk assessment (available upon request if needed)
  • Our running leaders will ask health related questions weekly before every training session
  • Any runners who have shown COVID symptoms of persistent cough, increase in usual temperature, loss of taste/smell in the previous 10 days will be asked to leave immediately
  • Anyone who develops symptoms after running will be asked to request a test via any approved testing method (walk in testing, postal test, hospital or other method where appropriate), notify the club by contacting either of the chairpersons and fill in the COVID 19 form on English Athletics website
  • We will encourage our members to keep their contact details up to date
  • Any new runners joining the club for the first time will be asked for their contact details (no details, no run)
  • We will log who runs at every session so we can reach out (this log will be captured on separate Whatsapp channel)
  • We will regularly communicate these protocols in our weekly member email update
  • We will periodically review the risk assessment to ensure we are up to date, and follow national government and English Athletics guidance