This Week’s Race Results

Parkrun and race results for Brighton & Hove FrontRunners for week ending 24th February 2019.

Each week we feature the results for FrontRunners who have taken part in a race or Parkrun the week before. This week was the Brighton Half Marathon, the first race event for Brighton & Hove FrontRunners. Our club records haven’t started yet (coming soon!) but definitely some benchmarks have been set.

Hove Park parkrun
Stephen King 23:47

Hove Prom parkrun
George Tester-Allen 31:01

Tilgate parkrun
Neil Harrison 24:59

Brighton Half Marathon
James Barron 1:36:38 (PB)
Sonia Tester-Allen 1:45:16
Claire Alleguen 2:03:42
Sarah Rochford 2:21:46
Kerry Ann Louise 2:46:24

Thank you to the cheer squad with BHFR banners – and a special shout out to Claire who completed the course with a broken wrist!