This Week’s Race Results

Parkrun and race results for Brighton & Hove FrontRunners for week ending 27th January 2019.

Each week we feature the results for FrontRunners who have taken part in a race or Parkrun the week before. This month was our monthly Parkrun meet up, where FrontRunners come together to try a new Parkrun and have a coffee afterwards. This week we were in East Brighton for the newest Parkrun in Brighton, where three FrontRunners placed in the top 10.

East Brighton Parkrun
Richard Pineles-West 20:51 (3rd place)
James Barron 21:37
Damian Brewer 22:19
Claire Alleguen 27:24
John Brown 29:44

Hove Park Parkrun
Stephen King 22:33 (PB)

Brighton & Hove FrontRunners at East Brighton Parkrun